Crafty Chloe

Crafty Chloe - Kelly DiPucchio, Heather Ross I liked this book as it shows that sometimes homemade presents that come from the heart are better!Crafty Chloe is just what she sounds like. A girl who exceeds at making crafts. The trouble is that her friend, for her birthday, wants this amazing doll who totally rocks in purple. I have a weakness for purple myself!London (really? her name is London?) is a snooty girl who is bound and determined to get the fancy doll for the friend having the birthday to impress her with the doll in its purple glory. She will be the number one, top dog, best friend of the birthday girl!Trouble is brewing though! By accident, the fancy doll gets dropped in the mud by London the perfect friend. The doll is fine but the purple dress is ruined! What is London going to do now with the birthday party just minutes away from starting?Crafty Chloe to the rescue! With the sweetness of a saint she pulls out her gift to show to London. It's a dress for the fancy doll that she made herself! While I wonder what little girl could sew this herself I like to imagine that Mom helped out when needed. Chloe and London are now BFFs!Crafty Chloe was a fresh take on what makes a present that is really from the heart very special.