Lark Rise to Candleford: A Trilogy

Lark Rise to Candleford: a Trilogy - Flora Thompson This is a very long book! It almost reads more like a blog (a very faithfully, well written blog) that Flora Thompson is keeping of her life in the late 1800's in rural England. Despite the lack of plot (think of the lack of plot in a good blog, yet it's still interesting to read) it moves with grace from one topic to another, or from one interesting person to another. I do recommend the television series to those who are fans of costume drama. The characters are so incredibly truthful with each other that it draws out the truth in your life. It makes you confront it because the characters in the show do so. The truth can be painful, but also it can set you free. I have found both to be true. Yet, I always like it if the truth in my life can end and begin with a small, but good smile of self acceptance. I do try to be sure to put that in if I possibly can. I find an understanding smile is a good side dish to serve with truth.