Dinosaur vs. Santa

Dinosaur vs. Santa - Bob Shea The perfect Christmas/Holiday book for a two-year-old! I read this at storytime today, and then bought it for my (soon-to-be) sister-in-law's little nephew! Little Dinosaur can "versus" anything about Christmas! Decorating the tree? Little Dinosaurs roars, works, and the winner is? That's right! The winner is Dinosaur! Gifts for Mom and Dad? Not a problem! Tempted by Christmas cookies for Santa? The winner is *always* Dinosaur!However, when Dinosaur hears jingle bells and sees the shadow of a certain man in a red suit, Dinosaur wonders if that's a bad thing. Will Dinosaur be put on the naughty list? Or maybe not get the train that Dinosaur wanted?Dinosaur can't think about it anymore as it's getting late and soon is fast asleep. When Dinosaur gets up the next morning there is a train under the tree! Dinosaur vs. Santa? Roar! Little Dino is the winner!Such fun! Highly recommended! Roar to you! Merry Christmas! I hope that you win like Dinosaur did!