The Cats in the Doll Shop

The Cats in the Doll Shop - Yona Zeldis McDonough, Heather Maione I would actually give this book a 4.5! I loved this little book. I thought it might be trite, or too girly for some (although I have to say I love girly books) but the message of the book was truly heartwarming. This is the second book in the series, but it could be read on its own.Anna, Sophie, and Trudie live in the early 1900's in New York. In this second book, we find the three sisters happy in their lives as daughters of two fairly prosperous doll shop owners. However, when Anna (who narrates the story) finds that the neighborhood ginger colored cat is going to have kittens she desperately wants to bring both mother and kittens home. Following along nicely with this plot line is the fact that the family knows someone else who needs a home. Anna's cousin Tania comes from Russia to live with them! Amidst the excitement over a lot of changes to the family come realistic worries about how to welcome a new comer into the family.Of course there should be something about dolls, and there is so no worries there! Without wanting to give too much away the author, Yona Zeldis McDonough, manages to always walk the fine line between sweetness and conflict with true junior fiction flair. After I read this book I wanted to hug it! It was so good and true! Highly recommended for all girls, but especially as a Chanukah gift (the family in the book is Jewish and celebrates Chanukah in the course of the story) or for those in need of a good tale of the immigrant story that is part of a collective American heritage. It is also beautifully illustrated throughout the book by the talented Heather Maione.