Samantha on a Roll

Samantha on a Roll - Linda Ashman, Christine Davenier I am Samantha!I was that kid that could not wait for my mom's approval to try out something new. Hence, our family now has some pithy stories about my childhood escapades (such as me using the top of my swing set as a balance beam when I was 4-years-old!) and so I loved this book.Samantha has a brand-spankin'-new pair of roller skates that she is dying to try out. However, her mom is too busy to give the official mom stamp of approval for Samantha to use the new skates. Like me at that age, Samantha doesn't let that get in her way one bit. She puts those skates on! Soon she's off and having fun!Here's the lesson part of the book. Samantha has a hard time stopping the skates and they take her for quite a ride! She even skates through a wedding and the crazy times she has on the skates get more imaginative as the book goes on. This I thought was wonderful because it kept the book from getting preachy and made it just plain fun!Highly recommended for ages 4-6 years. Or even thirty-seven years if you are me! Spunk is important in any stage or age of life.