Miss Brooks Loves Books (And I Don't)

Miss Brooks Loves Books! (And I Don't) - Michael Emberley, Barbara Bottner A review written in haste!I am a very picky star giver. Probably way too picky. This should most likely be a four star rating, but I am trying not to love this book too much *because* I feel that it was too clearly intended for people just like me. Are you an "out of the box" person who could possibly imagine themselves as a cool, free-spirited children's librarian? Me too! I loved this book. Would a child love this book or am I the intended audience? For now, until the next story time comes along when I can try reading this to actual kids, I keep it just to a three star rating. This is just to be fair to the children who should be the intended audience. In a fairer world there would be more picture books for grown-ups.Later: Tried this at story time today and must say that this is definitely a book for older children than three and four-year-olds! They liked the pictures, but didn't understand the plot as they are not yet familiar with all the children's books mentioned.