Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me (World of Eric Carle)

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me (The World of Eric Carle) - Eric Carle I loved this book! It has beautiful, fold out pages, and even one pop-up page! Basically, the little girl in the story wants her father to get her the moon! It's all lovely until he actually gets it for her. It waxes and wanes, something my preschool story time audience just couldn't quite grasp. They couldn't understand why one day it disappears entirely. We did had a little talk about pretending because really no one can have the moon! It's too high! This Papa loves his little girl a lot to try though, doesn't he? We talked about it until everyone looked a little less confused!I have mixed feelings about this book, but it could be that an older child might be able to grasp the idea better, especially after a science lesson or two! FYI, the ages of the children I read to are three and four-year-olds!