Cherry Ames Student Nurse: Book 1

Cherry Ames Student Nurse: Book 1 - Helen Wells My grandmother was a World War 2 Navy Nurse and when my mother was old enough she bought these books for my mom. Cherry Ames is a bright, dark-haired, and cheery nurse as was my grandmother.Everyday that my grandmother, now a mother herself in post-war America, set out to volunteer at the Red Cross she left in a cape, and a hat not unlike Cherry's own that you see on the cover. Also, of course she wore her official Red Cross pin. My mother, especially impressed with this dashing attire (I am too!) consequently loved the Cherry Ames books and admired my grandmother very much.Lots of unexpected things happen in this series but the one I liked most of all is when Cherry Ames accidentally happens upon the secret project of a doctor on staff at the hospital she works at. He has discovered Penicillin! Cherry must now protect this wartime secret. I had never thought of it that way, but as the wise doctor points out this drug will save many lives of the men fighting the war. He wants it to stay on the side of the good.These books made me contemplate a world without antibiotics which makes me so grateful for the times I live in now and also that Cherry Ames was able to keep the secret! Whew! That was a close call Cherry!Also, these books make an interesting study of the emerging role of women in the workplace. As a 1940's character Cherry is *very* cheery, brisk, bright, but decidedly at the whim of the male doctors she works for. Somethings are slow to change, aren't they? Still, we progress! Cherry is known for her almost boundless enthusiasm a la bright, attentive homemaker model. Yet she is also a woman in the workplace pioneer like my grandmother was in her lovely cape, hat, and pin. I do wish nurses now could at least have the very lovely cape. I think they deserve a bit of dashing fashion if they would like it for special occasions of course! How much we women owe to these ladies who took the first brave steps towards what we enjoy today. The freedom to choose the work that suits us best.