A Little Princess

A Little Princess - Tasha Tudor, Frances Hodgson Burnett I have only really gotten to know this book as an adult and I have to say that for me sometimes just thinking about it helps my day. We all have days when we get frustrated with life. Or parts of life that seem out of control, jobs that seem hard, days when if there is just one more thing that gets on your last nerve you just might get a bit miffed. However, these are the times I then remember Sara. I remember how, in spite of what a classist book this is, it really does remind you that who you are is not the social status you are assigned to by life and by your circumstances. It's not the things I own that make me a wonderful person or that make anyone wonderful for that matter. It's how we treat others. That's the real lesson to be learned I think. Whenever I have an especially bad day and I'm just ready to pack it all in I recall Sara Crewe. I remember that what made her a princess was not her status or her money for all these things sometimes change. Yet a good heart in a person is really what makes that person someone who we would want to, no, *need* to say to, "I know you by heart. You are inside my heart."That is the sort of person I want to be. I want to know people by heart. Surprisingly, it's sometimes on those bad days that if I just make the effort to act more like Sara than I usually would then those are the times that I am most rewarded for it. For on that bad day there usually was a person who really needed a smile, there was the person who just badly needed someone to listen to them, or talk with them. Sometimes it's the people who lash out most who most need us to be noble in response. Either it seems to help them or it disarms them. Usually I find the first to be more common. A smile really is all it takes sometimes. That's hard to muster on some days, but those random acts of kindness that cost nothing really do sometimes make all the difference to the people we come in contact with.Of course if one day someone wanted to redecorate my room while I'm asleep-that I have issues with!My favorite part of the book has more to do with the feeling of thoughts that come from the heart than any one scene in particular. It's a nice thought that there can be a set of good willed people in this world and by their very willingness to be so are in a class by themselves! I am lucky to know so many of them and to count them my friends.