Flowering Tree (Prayer & Practice)

The Flowering Tree - Caryll Houselander Brilliant. Quite simply an easily overlooked author because she is a religious author. She is both a very great writer, and poet (this is her volume of poetry) and in her poetry I believe ahead of her time. A fair warning is that she is a truth-teller. I believe that to be truthful with yourself and truthful with others is a very important thing. Caryll tells truths that pierce the soul, and yet free the heart to be more capable of embracing wisdom.I found her goodreads page without a date of birth or death. There was nothing written about her life, and so I wrote it (with a brilliant editor of course, my mom the religious writer!). Caryll is an extraordinary person to meet on the page. She is a true eccentric, and that is what I like about her most. She offers no apologies for her life or the way she lived it. She is simply Caryll.How very brave she was!