Princess in Training

Princess in Training - Tammi Sauer, Joe Berger This was the big hit of storytime last week! Of course, last week I had an all girl audience. There was much discussion over which princess had the best dress, and some confusion over *why* the main character can karate chop, dive into a mote, and so on but the other princesses couldn't or didn't know how. Still, the last scene wherein our unusual karate-chopping, skateboarding princess saves the day made up for all of that. It's truly amazing to watch a group of little girls look at a picture of a princess who is getting praise, glory, and a parade just for her! They all just had this look about them that truly nothing better could *ever* happen to you than that! All in all, this had a high little girl approval rating. Also, I had fun reading it aloud! The words, "Zip! Zup! Zoom!" were used in a nicely repetitive way to describe the movements of our action oriented princess! By the end of the story, we were all saying, "Zip! Zup! Zoom!" together! Great fun!