I read this as part of an observation project for a course in human development. Not being a parent myself, I was surprised at the amount of general truths that did apply to the little girl who was the subject of my report. It must be difficult to generalize about so many individual children, but some insights that were offered were really very helpful. I found the generalizations made about children by body type a bit odd, but other than that this series of books is so spot on. My own mother was baffled with my behavior when I was seven. I was collecting money, and she thought, "Oh no, I've raised a materialistic kid!" Well, no she didn't! My Mom bought Your Seven-Year-Old. After reading it she discovered that seven-year-olds collect things. That's just part of being seven I guess! This series of books is also great for picking out toys that are age appropriate. Also, it provides a list of book interests that your child might have at the age it addresses. There are also some pages of information of how you can best help your child at this age to really blossom!