Bink and Gollie

Bink & Gollie - Alison McGhee, Kate DiCamillo, Tony Fucile "Binkness" and "Gollieness" are words that have now actively entered my vocabulary. Bink and Gollie are best friends despite being very different. What they have in common: the need for speed on skates, a deep love of pancakes, and their love for each other. What they don't have in common would be everything else! They are absolute polar opposites and I love that despite their differences they are *best* friends. Gollie is tall, a little uptight, and lives in a modern, posh tree house by herself. Bink is short, not at all uptight, and has pots of peanut butter on shelves in her cozy cottage. She lives right at the bottom of Gollie's treehouse. Bink also lives alone and I love these little girls who almost live magically without adults! However, they always have one another for company.The illustrations are marvelous and the ever fantastic Kate DiCamillo who (whom? I could never get that right!) I adore co-wrote it so it's very, very good! A Theodore Seuss Geisel Award winner to boot!Is it a reader or a chapter book? Good question! It is neither as previous reviewers have pointed out. Bink and Gollie are beyond categories. However, if I have to put it somewhere I would put it in Chapter Books because of the vocabulary. That being said, I have read on goodreads that children as young as four love to have adults read this to them multiple times. I also think that the illustrations tell a lot of the story. So, with a little explanation, you are good to go to read this to a younger child. Maybe they could try reading some of the easier parts depending on the reader of course!I bought this for myself (blush) beacuse I *had* to. You must go and get this book. Put it on your ASAP list, ASAP!