Me! Me! Mine!

Me! Me! Mine! - Alan Katz, Pascal Lemaitre This is yet another book on the importance of sharing. Rocky, the dog and main character, is not willing to share anything! When reading this aloud it is quite important to be very impassioned (just like Rocky!) about not sharing, especially when you get to the line, "I DO NOT CARE! I WILL NOT SHARE!" that is repeated very often. Some of the kids that I read this aloud to even stamped their feet when we got to that line and it was very fun I have to admit! It added even more drama!When Rocky didn't want to do his chores but rather "share" them (as in get help with them from other family members) he didn't find any takers because he would never share when times were good. Lesson learned! As board book plots go this is rather good! Great for ages 2-4 years.